A socially and environmentally conscious publicity company
Where wasabi grows, clean water flows 

Wild wasabi is an environmentally sensitive plant which grows naturally along mountain streams in Japan.  It needs pure, running water to survive. 


Wasabi PR is in the business of creating abundance for its clients through media exposure, while remaining socially and environmentally responsible.  We believe in the power of relationships, integrity and synchronicity.

You must BE the change you wish to see in the world.


Wasabi PR specializes in media outreach and placement in English and Japanese.  A well-executed publicity plan is hands down the most cost-effective way to maximize a company, artist or entrepreneur’s exposure to the marketplace. We listen intently to our clients in order to identify and shape stories that will grab an editor, reporter or producer's attention. 


Wasabi PR clients have proudly appeared in/on the following:









 Natural Health Magazine         

          The Malaysia Star

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