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Our team

Laura Jackson - Principal Publicist
Wasabi PR founder, Japanese speaking, African drumming, zen meditating, lighthouse owner, Laura Jackson expresses her passion for life through her work.  She began her career as a publicist in New York City following a wide variety of life and work experiences resulting in a vast network of contacts and a creative energy that infuses everything she touches with a healthy dose of bliss.

John Gillespie - Asian Business Consultant

Raised in Japan, Dr. Gillespie is a graduate of the Canadian Academy in Kobe, Japan.  He earned his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and Culture at Indiana University. He has worked extensively in East and Southeast Asia...particularly in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong-and in Europe...specializing in trans-Pacific intercultural business issues. Dr. Gillespie writes frequently on cross-cultural management and related issues, such as U.S.-Japan trade.  He has appeared on the NHK program "Japan-U.S. Cross-Talk," and, most recently, collaborated on NHK's global business program "Becoming a Leader."  

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