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 Client Testimonials

Cheers and thanks to Laura Jackson for her amazing enthusiasm and energy! With grace and spirit, Laura helped us sell out the New York Premiere of our documentary film "Bidder 70".   Laura was tireless, engaging and positive about the film and its subject.  It takes great ingenuity and dedication to make an opening of a documentary successful.  Laura had it all.
- Beth & George Gage

Thank you  ladies - indeed this is a fabulous, successful team.  We appreciate your passion and results!  Laura, thank you for going the extra mile... Your thoughtful research, communications counsel, and strong media contacts make for a winning combination that yields results, consistently, year after year.  Plus, you are a joy to work with!

– Leeann Lavin, Director of Communications, BBG

"You ROCK...and ROLL!!  What a team!"

– Garth Chouteau, VP of Public Relations, PopCap Games

Laura Jackson is a great gift to us! She has been a highly competent and gracious publicist for Sacred Studies and in particular the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. We have truly been fortunate to have Laura offer her expertise to our Public Relations and Media Department. Laura¹s invaluable gift has helped us create and spread a global voice.

– Jyoti, Spiritual Director Center Sacred Studies
– Ann Rosencranz, Program Director, Center for Sacred Studies


Laura Jackson was a skilled and enthusiastic advocate for my novel Galway Bay. And one NPR producer told me that Laura wrote the best pitch letter the show had ever received!  Great on both outreach and follow-up.

– Author Mary Pat Kelly

When meeting Laura Jackson for the first time, I immediately sensed in her a serenity that one rarely encounters. So I was very surprised when she told me she was a publicist. I've had a long and successful career in the entertainment field, and have won many awards, including 3 Emmys and a Peabody. I've know and used many publicists over the years, all of whom seemed to share a certain kind of "assertiveness" which I took to be a tool of the trade. And here was Laura, soft-spoken and open, and drawing me in.

Since our first encounter she's gone on to publicize not only the film, but the Grandmothers Council. At their Gathering in South Dakota, she managed to get the AP there, which generated almost a hundred articles and video pieces on local stations around the country.

Laura Jackson is a phenomenon.

– Carole Hart, Director, For the Next 7 Generations

All hail LAURA JACKSON, who gets the award for “most steadfast spirit”, “leaving no stone uncovered”, and “doing it all tastefully”.  You’ve done wonderful work for me, Laura. I’m here to acknowledge you, and your skill and heart, with greatest thanks. 

– Puff’s Daddy (Peter Yarrow of Peter Paul & Mary)


Laura Jackson is a PR crackerjack with grace and heart to spare. She is always on the ball and has been incredible at arranging interviews, placing articles in major newspapers, and taking care of our public relations needs for arts and music events both large and small.  We would recommend her without hesitation!

– Bethany Yarrow of Bethany and Rufus

Laura Jackson worked superbly on behalf of Brooklyn Maqam Arab Music Festival...Laura took it all on and gave the festival its life blood of media relations including feature stories with NPR/WNYC, features in the Daily News, artist interviews at WFMU and WBAI, reviews in the New Yorker  and Afro-Pop and so much more. Laura is energetic, positive, relentless in pursuit, smart about pitching stories and willing to listen to producers help her shape them. She is extremely well-connected and just a joy to work with in every regard.

– Dr. Kay Turner, Folk Art Director, Brooklyn Arts Council

Laura is a highly capable and seemingly unflappable publicist. She is professional, detail-oriented and cheerful. She is culturally sensitive and great at conveying her enthusiasm and garnering media attention. I would recommend her highly.

– Dr. Emily Socolov, Executive Director, Mano a Mano

“I feel honored and grateful for the support and inspired work Laura Jackson has done for my company, and for The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.  She has the ability to connect with individuals and organizations at all levels, professionally and personally, that create positive and long-term relationships with profound results.”

– Icasiana Barrs, Founder of Samadhi Life, Inc.

Outreach Director, Center for Sacred Studies

Other Wasbi PR clients, past and present include:

-New York's Village Halloween Parade

-Marubeni America Corporation

-The Daily Plate

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